Congratulations on Booking Your Nerf Wars Birthday Party here at Battle Arena inside Stafford Wellness... 

Here you will find everything you need to know and do to have the best birthday party ever. First, let's fill out the Nerf Wavier for all members of your family that wish to play. 


Once You Arrive at Stafford Wellness

Our Address: 

Stafford Wellness 2111 Courthouse Dr. Longview, TX 75605

Once you arrive let us know if you need help carrying anything in we have a flat dolly available. Your party attendants will be available to help assist if needed.  Your 125-quart ice rolling party cooler will be fully iced and ready for any drinks or any food that needs to chill.

You will have access to the party room 20 min before the time of your party to decorate.  We ask no pins or staples be used, only sticky tak or tape.  

We do ask that you eat first as this allows everyone to show up. We do need everyone present to go over rules, proper use of guns, upgrades, and arena do's and don'ts.

Battle Arena TV Pictures (45).png

Nerf Play and Party Time

We ask that all participants entering the Battle Arena take their shoes off (we provide cubbies to store shoes and personal items). You must also wear socks.  If you do not have any socks, there will be some available for purchase. 

Finishing Up 

We hope your party was exactly what you were looking for!! As you get ready to leave there are a couple of things to remember. First, make sure all rented gear is returned that has been checked out.  Second, make sure you have any personal items you have brought with you and make it home with you or whoever they came with. Lastly, stop at the front desk and take care of any remaining balance as well as leave feedback from your party.  If you would like to tip your party attendant(s), you can do so at that time as well. Once you have finished, if you could leave a google review and Facebook review, it would be the biggest compliment!