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Congratulations on Booking Your Nerf Wars Birthday Party here at Battle Arena inside Stafford Wellness... 

Here you will find everything you need to know and do to have the best birthday party ever. First, let's fill out the Nerf Wavier for all members of your family that wish to play. 


Once You Arrive at Stafford Wellness

Our Address: 

Stafford Wellness 2111 Courthouse Dr. Longview, TX 75605

We kindly request your attention to the following information, as it is geared toward making your special day an absolute breeze! By familiarizing yourself with these details, you can enjoy a seamless and stress-free experience like never before.

Thank you for selecting us to host your Nerf Wars extravaganza here at Battle Arena Longview located inside Stafford Wellness! Our utmost priority is to make your birthday celebration absolutely phenomenal. To ensure that you have all the necessary information and can prepare for an unforgettable experience.

Rest assured that we are committed to making your event a success. As the dedicated point of contact, my name is Aaron Stafford, and I will be personally overseeing all the arrangements leading up to your party. I am here to address any inquiries or concerns you may have along the way.

In addition, we will send you a friendly reminder 1-2 days before your party, so you can relax knowing that everything is perfectly set for your special day.

We sincerely appreciate your trust in us to deliver the best birthday party ever. If there is anything you need or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the number this text came from (928-279-6816) We can't wait to create magical moments and make your Nerf Battle an absolute blast!


Upon your arrival, please don't hesitate to inform us if you require any assistance with carrying your belongings by texting 903-279-6816. We have a convenient flat dolly that WE are ready to lend a helping hand. Our attentive party attendants will also be readily available to assist you whenever needed.

Rest assured that your 125-quart ice rolling party cooler will be fully stocked with ice, ensuring optimal chill for your drinks and any food that requires refrigeration.

To add a personal touch to your celebration, you will have access to the party room 20 minutes prior to your scheduled party time for decoration. We kindly request that you refrain from using pins or staples and instead opt for sticky tak or tape to ensure the integrity of our venue.

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, we have prepared a comprehensive agenda that will provide ample time for all the exciting festivities you have planned. Here's a breakdown of the general schedule:


During your time with us, you will have exclusive access to two rooms:

1. The spacious party room, provides ample space for dining, cake-cutting, and the joy of unwrapping presents. You are welcome to decorate this area according to your preferences.  You will have access to 3 eight-foot rectangle tables for guests a 1 six-foot table for food and snacks. (we will provide cooler and ice for drinks) 

2. The exhilarating Battle Arena, encompassing an impressive 1600 square feet, is the ultimate playground for all Nerf enthusiasts. Engage in thrilling battles while parents and spectators can witness the action through two sets of double glass doors or relax in the party room.

Important Infomation to Start the Party

At the beginning of your party, we recommend allocating approximately 30-45 minutes for your guests to indulge in various activities inside the party room. This time can be used for snacking or dining on any food that you may bring, opening presents, or simply enjoying each other's company. The reason for this time allotment is unfortunately no one shows up on time and it is important for the majority, if not all, of your party to be present before we begin to present your party with gun upgrades, rules, proper gun usage, and essential guidelines for the arena.

Note: We encourage parents and spectators to enjoy the spectacle from the vantage point of our double glass doors or unwind in the comfort of the party room.

Round 1: Your guests will engage in exhilarating play for approximately 20 minutes. While it may not seem like a lengthy duration, our extensive experience has shown that this timeframe strikes the perfect balance before they benefit from a well-deserved break.

Break: During this designated break period, lasting around 10-20 minutes, your guests have the opportunity to engage in various activities. Some may choose to open presents, eat party cake, or simply take a moment to relax and recharge.

Round Two: Following your break, we will gather the players back in the arena for the next round of excitement. If you have opted for our Elite or Ultimate package, this round will feature the thrill of glow-in-the-dark battles, adding an extra element of enchantment to their experience (if the Basic package you will play another regular round)

End of Play: As the play session draws to a close, we will release your party from the play area approximately 5 minutes prior to, or precisely at, the designated end time of your party. This ensures a smooth conclusion to the festivities.

Clean-up Time:  15 minutes after the party ends. All that we ask is just that you remove any decorations that you put up and throw away any visible trash like tables cloths, bottles, plates, etc… Please leave any pizza boxes on the tables it's easier for us to throw them away. We will take care of all the sweeping, and other clean up. If you need any help carrying anything out we will have carts and party attendants available to help.

Additional time: If you wish to have additional time or If you stay after 30 minutes after the party ends there will be an additional charge of $50 

We firmly believe that this thoughtfully crafted agenda will guarantee a seamless transition between activities, allowing for an uninterrupted flow of excitement while ensuring that every moment is treasured and enjoyed to its fullest potential.

Lastly, we kindly request that you visit our front desk to settle any remaining balance, if applicable. Additionally, we value your feedback and would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave your thoughts about your party experience. Your input helps us continuously improve and provide the best possible service. If you wish to express your appreciation to your dedicated party attendant(s), this would be an opportune time to show your gratitude through a tip.

Let's Battle

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