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Pool Parties

Looking to host a summer party that's a splash hit? Look no further than our pool options! Choose from our one-of-a-kind semi-private or totally private pool packages. 

Semi-Private Party


Unique semi-private experience Pool Party. You and your guests will have access to a private sectioned-off area, complete with a picnic bench, 2 lounge chairs, a round table with a sunshade for food/cake, a tub/cooler with ice for drinks, and a 10x10 ft tent (see pictures below). This package accommodates up to 20 swimmers that will share the pool with other guests (additional swimmers after 20 will be $10 more per person) You can have unlimited guests that are non-swimmers.

Private Party

You and your guests will have access to the entire pool (all lounge chairs) and our Fun Cart (water guns, floaties, pool noodles, footballs, and more...) You will have access to our turf field and outdoor basketball court plus tents for any food or snacks, plus unlimited ice and a cooler for drinks, This package accommodates unlimited swimmers and guests.  Note: Grill is available for $30 add on.

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