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Battle Arena is located inside Stafford Wellness Center and is the ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY PARTY EXPERIENCE here in East Texas. Grab your family and friends and battle it out in our private enclosed arena. We have several birthday party packages available.  Nerf Wars is an experience that both kids and adults will be talking about for years.

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General Questions and How to Book...

How do I book a Party?

Text NERF RIVAL to 928-279-6816 to check availability. Online booking and reservations coming soon.  To reserve your date you will pay a $50 non-refundable deposit and then pay the remaining balance on the day of the party.


What is included with the party?

Other than what is mentioned above, you get access to a party room (decorations not included) that you can decorate up to 20 minutes before your party time. You will have access to (4), eight-foot, and (1) six-foot table with plenty of chairs to accommodate all guests. You also get access to a 125-quart party cooler (see picture) that comes with unlimited ice!



Are you allowed to bring outside food and drinks?

Absolutely,  We want you and your guests to enjoy your party to the fullest! 

Are there age limits?

We suggest 8 and up as the bullets move at 90-110 feet per second. When you get hit it does sting a little but everyone is different.  Some of the guns are hard to cock as the springs are stronger than normal Nerf guns, however, if you feel your child is able to participate then let's go.


We Supply Unlimited Ammo.

You can bring in Nerf Rival Ammo ONLY, however, you will not be able to take it with you when you go. All ammo must stay in the Nerf Arena.


Can you and your guests bring your own Blasters?

Yes, you can, however, only bring what you can carry. No totes, bags, or buckets of blasters. Your name must be on all blasters brought into the arena and they MUST be compatible with NERF RIVAL AND HYPER SERIES BULLETS ONLY.


How Guest Upgrades Can Help You Save Money

Each guest pass includes a Nerf Rival Fate XXII-100 Blaster and if you have a glow-in-the-dark package then they also get a Rush-40 Nerf Hyper pistol and protective mask. Your guests also have the option to upgrade their gun and mask if they wish to pay for the upgrade. The Elite upgrade will take their experience to a whole new level as Perses MXIX is fully motorized meaning that it shoots up to 8 bullets per second giving you the feel of a machine gun. (this is at no additional charge to you, only if guests choose to upgrade, see image below).

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